About Us

Wonderchem is a China based globally supplier for organic chemicals, reagents, pharmaceutical intermediates and active pharmaceutical ingredients. Currently, we are able to offer more than 60,000 products ranging from agro-chemicals to natural ingredients, and this number is growing fast as time flow. Within our catalog, milligram to tens of kilo, up to tonnage lot material can be delivered base on client’s demand.

Our target is to bridge more products available for contract research organizations, pharmaceutical and biotech companies and labs in Universities around the world. Contributing ourselves for drug discovery sector is our team’s motivation for better performance.

Wonderchem’s major product categories

 Precious metal catalyst
 Amino acids
 Anilines

 Boronic acids
 Benzoic acid
 Carboxylic acids

 Indoles
 Indazole
 Nitroaniline

 Nitrobenzene
 Pyridines
 Pyrimidines

Why choose Wonderchem

An enthusiastic team with rich experiences

Effective internal management

Mutual agreed timely delivery